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Stamford Raffles

Singapore Bicentennial

The Arrival - Openness and Connectivity

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It has been 200 years since Sir Stamford Raffles and Major-General William Farquhar landed on the shores of Singapore to set up a trading post for the British East India Company. Our history, though, goes back way beyond 1819.


Explore The Land Before 1819 for an overview of the island’s pre-colonial history, before being intrigued by our very own Game of Thrones involving Raffles and the succession dispute over the Johore Sultanate. Learn more about The First Resident - Farquhar - and his contributions to the growth of Singapore; why Boat Quay was nicknamed the Belly of the Carp; and how we are Becoming a Cosmopolitan Port City.

As part of our Bicentennial commemorations, we invite you to join this journey, delve deeper into our rich history and learn how far we have come as a nation the last 200 years and beyond.

Stamford Raffles statue
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The Land Before 1819

When we think of Singapore’s beginnings, Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in 1819 is the first thing that comes to mind. But is that truly when our history began?
treaty and brothers

A Game of Thrones

In just ten days, two brothers almost went to war over a throne, Raffles came and left, and the Dutch threatened to destroy Singapore’s vibrant port. No one can accuse Singapore's history of being boring.


The First Resident

There is a wild nutmeg named after William Farquhar, and he used to keep a Malayan tapir at his residence in Malacca. Learn more about Farquhar and his contributions to Singapore.

Singapore river

Belly of the Carp

Singapore started out as a port, luring travellers to settle in our land. This is how a mere trading port grew into the international hub we know today.

Chulia street

Becoming a Cosmopolitan Port City

Within three years, Singapore's population had grown rapidly, causing an ever more pressing need to maintain order in the urban development of the fledgling but thriving colony. This was how the Jackson Plan came to be.

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