Swiss Club

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Tucked away in the Bukit Timah area lies a gem which has escaped Singapore’s rapid urbanisation. Like a land out of time, the road leading up to this safe haven, with its jungle-like surroundings and its sprawling complex, seems incongruent with land-scarce Singapore. Surrounded by lush greenery, the Swiss Club is a picturesque venue for elegant and family-friendly retreats, with a strong sense of community, a rich heritage, and an active social life.

The Swiss Club was once known as the Swiss Rifle Shooting Club of Singapore. The club was founded by Mr Otto Alder and his friends in 1871 where they conducted shooting practice in the forest at Balestier Road. Staying true to its roots, the Club maintained a 300-metre shooting range up until the 1980s.

The main clubhouse, completed in 1927 after the previous clubhouse burnt down in 1909, was built to resemble a typical Swiss chalet with red and white features.

The Swiss Club has since reinvented itself as a “Home for all Nationalities”, with a diverse list of members from over 40 nations. In yet another affirmative nod to this commitment, it houses not just the Swiss Embassy and Swiss School within its compound, but also the German, Dutch and Korean schools, and the British Club and Institute of Engineers.

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