Eurasian Heritage Gallery

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Eurasian Heritage Gallery

The Eurasian Heritage Gallery consists of three galleries which aim to showcase the heritage and culture of Singapore Eurasians, a minority community in this multiracial nation. Through this, we hope to encourage the younger generation of Eurasians to discover their history and roots. We also hope to help first generation Eurasians, of European and Asian parentage, learn about and identify with the Eurasian community.

‘The Eurasian Showcase’ covers the history and culture of Eurasians in Singapore, and proudly features prominent Eurasians who contributed to our nation. The exhibition ‘World War II - The Eurasian Story’ tells about Eurasians who played a role in defending Singapore and how the community survived the Japanese Occupation and the difficult years in Bahau. ‘Roots Of Our Community’ traces the European roots of Eurasians from the Portuguese, Dutch, British and others, and explains their influence on society through trade and inter-marriage.

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