Chong Pang City

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Chong Pang City

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Chong Pang City was launched in 1984 and was the first neighbourhood centre in Yishun New Town. It is characterised by its two Chinese gateways and was named after Lim Chong Pang (1904-1956), a Chinese pioneer and businessman. Furthermore, there used to be a village called Chong Pang Village located near where Sembawang MRT station is today.

When the centre was launched, most of the shopkeepers here were former residents from nearby villages, who formed the Chong Pang Merchants’ Association later to meet mutual interests and provide support for each other in the community.

The opening of Northpoint Shopping Centre in 1992, caused business in the city to decline by 20% or more. To meet the competition, the entrepreneurial shopkeepers used their earnings, combined with funds from the Town Council, to install metal awnings, concrete pavements, to beautify shop fronts and to install the two Chinese-style gateways we see today.

These measures successfully made the shopping area more attractive to the residents and improved the business of the neighbourhood centre by almost 30%.