Boundary marker with Chinese inscription, 德記界 (Deji jie)

This boundary marker was used by businessman Sim Choon Kee (沈俊记/沈俊庚, 1856–1921) to demarcate the limits of the land he owned at present day Dover Forest area. Records show that Sim Choon Kee, who was also known as Sim Kheok Choon (沈克俊) and Sim Liang Whang (沈联芳), purchased the land in 1910. The marker is inscribed with the Chinese characters德記界 (“Boundary of Teck Kee”), which is derived from the name of his company “Chop Teck Kee”.Sim Choon Kee was a prominent Teochew businessman and community leader. He was one of the founding members of Tuan Mong School (端蒙学堂), a ‘new style’ primary school set by Teochew clan leaders in 1906, and also a founding member of one of Singapore’s earliest banks — Sze Hai Tong Banking & Insurance Company Limited in 1907. Sim Choon Kee and his eldest son Sim Boon Kwang (沈文光) were early members of the Tongmenghui Singapore Branch and the former was also one of the founding members of revolutionary newspapers Chong Shing Yit Pao (中兴日报). Upon his passing in 1921, it was reported that Dr Sun Yat Sen conveyed his condolences to Sim’s family through prominent revolutionary leaders Teo Eng Hock, Lim Nee Soon and Tan Chor Lam.