Set of 148 Bullets Retrieved from Pasir Panjang Battle Site

These bullets were dug up from the ground in the 1970s around Pasir Panjang ridge, where the Battle of Pasir Panjang took place in February 1942. One of the final military actions in the Japanese invasion of Singapore, the battle was fought between the Japanese 56th Infantry Regiment and the British 1st Malaya Infantry Brigade and 44th Indian Brigade. The battle is most remembered for the heroic defence of Bukit Chandu by a platoon of the Malay Regiment led by Lt Adnan Saidi. The troops of the Malay Regiment would have used British-issued Lee Enfield rifles, which would have used .303 bullets - the most common type found in this set. Paul Harmer and his father Martin, who lived in Pasir Panjang Close during the 1970s, discovered these bullets using a metal detector, although many of the bullets had also been exposed due to the nature of the terrain and the rainy weather.