Handscroll of 32 letters received by Dr Tan Tsze Chor

This handscroll contains thirty-two letters which were received by the late Dr Tan Tsze Chor (1911-1983), an important early collector of Chinese art in Singapore, on the occasion of his solo calligraphy exhibition at the National Museum in 1982. These congratulatory letters were written by personages in the international Chinese community such as artist Zhao Shao’ang, Liao Jingwen (on behalf of the Xu Beihong Memorial Museum), Zhang Qiyun (founder of the Chinese Culture University), and Chinese-American art collector C. C. Wang. They attest to Dr Tan’s extensive connections with artists, collectors and scholars elsewhere in the world and the international dimension of artistic and cultural networks in the 20th century.Over 150 objects from Dr Tan’s Xiang Xue Zhuang collection have been donated to ACM by the Tan family since 2000.