"Energy" Rubber Tree, Ang Mo Kio Park

“Energy” Rubber Tree, Ang Mo Kio ParkLow Yuit Ting, 60s, housewife (and friends)If you happen to be at Ang Mo Kio Park at 6am, you may see a group of 20 people walkingaround a tree while holding their arms up. A well-trod path in the grass, in the form of a perfectcircle, is evidence of their prolonged practice.They are practising Ba Gua, a walking meditation. They believe that energy from the tree can betransferred to humans. In Singapore, groups of people meet in parks in Woodlands, Lakeside,Marine Parade and East Coast to practice.The Ang Mo Kio group, which includes workingprofessionals, housewives, students, meet every morning from 6 to 7am.Madam Low Yuit Ting says she has developed stronger legs and a more cheerful dispositionafter practising for three years. She used to practise alone, before the group was formed, andhad attracted strange looks. She said that once, a little boy who saw her circling the tree jokedaloud, “Auntie, you are going to push the tree down!"