Kampong Bugis

This postcard is part of a set acquired by the museum. The collection provides a glimpse into the physical and social landscape of Singapore during the 19th and 20th century which were characterised by European colonialism, the Japanese Occupation, and the post-war years. These postcards also give a glimpse into the type of architecture that was seen in Singapore in those days, as well as the range of activities, businesses, trades, and industries that the people of Singapore were involved in at that time. Some of these postcards still contain the original handwriting of the senders themselves.Kampong Bugis is a village which was located on the north side of the Rochor River. The area between Kampong Glam and Rochor River was allotted to the Bugis by Sir Stamford Raffles sometime in 1822 and 1823 when 500 Bugis and their chieftain fled from Riau and settled in Singapore. Kampong Bugis Road now stands at the location where the settlement was situated.