Singapore’s local food delicacies

This postcard shows some of Singapore’s local food delicacies as recommended by a cookbook writer, Mrs. Leong Yee Soo. The dishes featured include (clockwise, starting from top right): Hokkien ‘mee’, a hawker dish made from yellow wheat noodles fried with vermicelli and usually topped with prawns, squid rings and pork slices; satay, a local delicacy of skewered meat grilled over a charcoal fire, usually served with onions, ‘ketupat’ rice cakes and a spicy peanut dip; ‘mee rebus’ (meaning ‘blanched noodles’ in Malay), a dish comprising of Chinese egg noodles in a thick gravy with lime, with halved hard-boiled eggs, with slices of ‘tau kwa’ (fried beancurd) and fried shallots added as garnish; and bak ku teh (meaning ‘pork rib tea’ in Hokkien), a popular hawker dish that consists of pork ribs brewed with herbs and spices in a broth, usually eaten together with ‘you tiao’ (fried dough fritters).