Dinner invitation belonging to Surgeon Captain J.S. Dudding on the Special Service Squadron World Cruise of 1924

This is a photograph of a dinner invitation by the Governor of Singapore to Surgeon Captain J.S. Dudding, who was part of the crew onboard H.M.S. Hood. The battleship was part of the Special Service Squadron World Cruise from 1923 to 1924. This naval expedition, which took a massive fleet of British battleships on a tour through the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and across the Pacific, was a public relations effort on the part of the British to ensure its position as the dominant colonial and naval power. The squadron travelled over 38,000 miles and visited many countries, as well as British colonies. When the fleet docked at Singapore from 10 to 17 February 1924, the H.M.S. Hood was opened to visitors and its crew were granted leave after maintenance of the ship was completed. A small arms company of Royal Marines also participated in a ceremonial route march through Singapore.