The Queen Elizabeth Walk waterfront and civic district

This view of the Queen Elizabeth Walk waterfront shows several prominent colonial landmarks found in the civic district located on the north bank of the Singapore River, including: the Old Supreme Court Building (left centre) with its distinctive neoclassical dome, built in 1939 at the site of the Grand Hotel de l'Europe; City Hall (centre), completed in 1929 as the Municipal Building before it was renamed in 1951 when Singapore was proclaimed a city by a Royal Charter; and St. Andrew’s Cathedral (right centre), designed in the Gothic style by Lieutenant-Colonel Ronald MacPherson and completed in 1861 using Indian convict labour. Visible in the background are the multi-storey structures built as part of the government’s urban renewal plans for the city centre. Prominent new buildings added to the civic district skyline included: the Colombo Court shopping and office complex (behind Old Supreme Court Building) developed and completed by the Housing Development Board in 1971; the 22-storey Peninsula Hotel (behind Colombo Court), erected in 1974 by private developers as part of the Peninsula hotel and shopping complex; the Excelsior Hotel (under construction behind Peninsula Hotel), a similar hotel and shopping complex erected in 1983 and linked to the Peninsula shopping centre; and the 32-storey Peninsula Plaza (behind City Hall), an office and shopping complex opened in late 1979.