Bugis Street Bazaar

Bugis Street was originally located between North Bridge Road and Victoria Street on the site where the Bugis Junction shopping mall now stands. It was situated near Kampong Bugis, a settlement set aside by Sir Stamford Raffles for the Bugis traders from Sulawesi along the Kallang River. The street in particular was where the traders gathered to eat, drink and have a good time when in Singapore. From the 1950s to 1970s, the street was popular with the tourists, many of whom were British and American soldiers on shore leave. The street came alive at night with conmen, pimps, street hawkers and vendors competing for the tourist dollar. The main tourist attraction was the ‘parade of transvestites’ that began every night at around 11pm. Due to the unsanitary conditions in the area, the government decided to relocate the street between Victoria and Queen Streets in the 1980s. The new Bugis Street remains a popular place for tourists to savour street food and shop at the night bazaar.