Shiva Puranam

These two paintings are approximately six feet tall and have a larger than life-size presence. They have doors which are opened and closed during worship. The painting is prepared on a piece of wooden board stretched with cotton cloth pasted with limestone and gum or zink oxide and gum Arabic. The picture is drawn and gold foil work is applied. The figures are created in relief using lime paste and gold foil or sheet gold is moulded on to the surface. The pattern of the textile is some times repousséd or incised. The painting is done last. These paintings usually come with wooden frames which are also gilded. Paintings in this size and detail are extremely rare.The doors represent the images of the Vaishnavacharyas as well as Vishnu’s avataras.These paintings are tabloid and contain very little narrative. They are usually kept for worship and are as sacred as the sculptural icons.