Photograph of guests visiting the Cathay-Keris studio, watching scenes from the film 'Badang' being shot

Located at 532-D East Coast Road, the studio was formed by Loke Wan Tho and Ho Ah Loke in 1953 to compete with Shaw Brothers’ Malay Film Productions. Cathay-Keris studio went on to produce numerous hit films such as 'Pontianak' (1957) and 'Hang Jebat' (1961). The studio eventually ceased film production in 1972. 'Badang' is a Cathay-Keris film directed by S. Roomai Noor. Badang is a young man who becomes remarkably strong when he makes a pact with a forest spirit. An important condition of the pact is for him not to marry or he will die a horrible death. The Sultan gets word of Badang’s unusual strength and summons him to his court. There, Badang faces a dilemma when he meets a beautiful girl who falls in love with him.