A Ramble Through The Istana Gardens

Born in China, Chua Ek Kay (1947-2008) moved to Singapore in 1953 and was one of Singapore’s foremost contemporary Chinese ink painters. Chua studied Chinese ink painting under well-known Singapore pioneer artist Fan Chang Tien; he was also influenced by Australian aboriginal art and western artists such as Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. The main themes of Chua’s art were Singapore street scenes, lotuses and abstract works. In 1991 and 1998, Chua won the Grand Prize in the 10th UOB Painting of the Year Competition and the Philip Morris ASEAN Arts Award (Juror's Choice) in Singapore respectively. In 1999, he was honoured with the Cultural Medallion Award by the Singapore government.In choosing to present this painting in a handscroll format, Chua lets the landscape unfold as the viewer moves along the length of the painting, and as if he were walking through the vast and gently undulating grounds of the Istana (the official residence of the President of Singapore).