Waiting for Rain on the Lake

As a member of the Qing Imperial family (his great grandfather was Emperor Daoguang), Pu Ru’s original surname was Aixinjueluo. His other name is Xinyu, while his sobriquets include Yihuang Shangren and Xishan Yishi. Said to be a precocious child, Pu learnt calligraphy at the age of 4, and by 7, he could write poetry. He only began painting at the age of 20. His foundation in painting and calligraphy is largely derived from copying authentic and exquisite works found in the imperial collection. However, he professed to have excelled in the classics and poetry instead of calligraphy and painting (which he had ranked last in his personal assessment of his abilities). In this work shows Pu’s artistry in terms of 'cunfa' or textured strokes. The mountain forms and foliage are meticulously articulated in a variety of textured strokes and are layered beautifully. The composition is complex due to the integration of multiple oddly shaped forms. In this painting, the arts of the brush – calligraphy, painting, and poetry – have integrated harmoniously to create a scene of beauty.