Vincent Leow (1961) has carved out an important role in Singapore'’s contemporary art development. He works in a wide range of genres, from performances, installations and sculptures, to digital and mixed-media works. One of the early members of The Artists Village, founded in 1988, Leow's art has been about emphasizing the 'process' in art where he constantly challenges how people consume and understand art; either through playful or antagonistic means. Leow's role as an educator has also inspired today's generation of young contemporary artists who are interested in works of a similar vein. 'Dumbo' is produced during his Masters' degree in Baltimore, United States of America. The central image of the elephant may well highlight Leow's fascination with animals and the overlaying dots represents his sentiment and concern on how popular culture and the rise of mass media, particularly the television, seeps through the minds of consumers especially the young.