Chhatri (Umbrella)

This dome-shaped ‘chhatri’ (umbrella) is decorated with ornate patterns and floral vine motifs. It also features seated figures depicting the 10 Sikh gurus with the central and largest one being that of Guru Nanak Dev, with a sunburst halo encircling his head. The remaining nine gurus appear in the circumference of the ‘chhatri’, facing him.The ‘chhatri’ is often seen as a symbol of nobility and the divine. It would have been hung over the holy book as a sign of respect or used during a religious ceremony. This is still relevant in the modern day context where the priest will place the Guru Granth Sahib (the 11th and Eternal Guru) underneath it with the ‘granthi’ (reader) holding a ‘chauri’ (fly whisk) as a sign of respect.